Of Earth and Sky

This 22 foot steel sculpture was created by Albuquerque artist Ali Baudoin.  It sits at the entrance to a new housing development on Albuquerque’s west side (Rio Rancho, technically).  This is actually just half of the piece — it has a 33-foot counterpart located nearby.  I don’t have anything intelligent to say about it.  I just really like it.


Conquistadors with Redstone

Outside a museum in Old Town there is a set of bronze sculptures which commemorate the Spanish conquistadors and colonial families who came to New Mexico in the 16th century.  Accross the street, the National Atomic Museum has a decommissioned Redstone missile on permanent display.  There’s a profound juxtaposition of time and technology.

Some people have protested the inclusion of such an overt symbol of war and destruction in the tourist center of the city (they’re referring to the rocket, not the conquistadors, in case you were wondering).  I think both are inescapable elements of Albuquerque’s history.  They are woven into its DNA and shape the city, and hiding either one won’t make it any less so.


Tree Lizard

We stumbled on this awesome lizard in Bernalillo, a few minutes north of Abq.  He looks like he’s been part of the family for some time, but they still keep him outdoors.  I bet those claws would tear up the sofa.


Big Red Ride

We have one amusement park in Albuquerque.  Last year they erected a new ride.  At night, it glows red or blue.  It appears to be about 150 feet (45m) tall.  I don’t know the official name of the ride.  I’ve heard several suggestions, but none of them are appropriate for a family photoblog 🙂

TV Tower Babies

Sorry for the long hiatus — our trip to Europe was great.  This picture doesn’t really belong here since it’s from Prague, not Albuquerque.  I’m including it because it represents a level of weirdness to which Abq can aspire.  David Cerny is a Czech sculptor.  He persuaded the local mayor to let him install his crawling-babies sculpture, Miminka, on the 200-meter tall communist-era TV Tower.  There are a dozen bronze babies, each about a meter long, attached all over the tower.  It’s the best piece of public art I’ve ever seen.

Place of Letters 1

They recently remodeled the Erna Fergusson Library.  They did a nice job, and I was pleased that they included some public art in the renovation.  Apparently there were some letters left over after restocking the shelves.  Or maybe they’re trying to break in?