Big Red Arrow

This huge red arrow has marked the Indian Plaza shopping center for decades.  The center was completely rebuilt a few years ago, but they kept the arrow since it had become almost a landmark.  The mayor has been pushing to pass a sign ordinance in Abq to forbid commercial signs that are more than about 6 feet tall.  Existing sign owners would have a few years to tear down their big old signs and replace them.  As far as I know, they’re still arguing over the issue, but they did make it clear that the big red arrow at Indian School and Carlisle would get an exemption and be preserved.


Staples Bowling Alley Sign

There was a bowling alley on this corner for about 20 years.  It closed a few years ago and a developer built a strip mall in its place.  Someone, somehow, convinced them to keep the original bowling alley sign.  It must look strange to someone from out of town, but for those of us who walked/rode/drove by that sign once or twice a day for decades, it’s a nice bit of nostalgia.