I started this photo blog back in 2005, using the PixelPost software. PixelPost was great but eventually abandoned, like this blog. Due to a server software upgrade, I had to either kill the blog or convert it to some new software. I don’t know that I’ll start posting pictures again, but I haded to take down these 30 or so interesting (not “great” or “skillful”, but interesting) photos. I decided if I could do it quickly I would, but didn’t want to spend a lot of time or energy on it.

So, I took about 90 minutes and manually imported the pictures and descriptions into a very simple WordPress site. I work with and promote WordPress all the time, so that made the most sense. The only significant thing missing from the PixelPost site is the geeky camera specs extracted from each photo. But this blog was always about the content rather than the craft so I don’t miss that much. (There’s probable a WP plugin I could use to display that info once again).

If you are paying attention to the dates, you’ll see that almost 10 years passed after the last photo I posted and when I did this rehab. I’ll try to find some ABQ.Strange worthy pics in my camera roll from that interval and put them up.

It was interesting going through those pics and realizing that many things in our town have changed, and others have persisted. The bowling pin and red arrow signs are still there. Some of the restaurants mentioned are gone. The Lumberjack still exists but has moved and been vandalized. Hang in there Albuquerque, and keep it strange.