Tree Lizard

We stumbled on this awesome lizard in Bernalillo, a few minutes north of Abq.  He looks like he’s been part of the family for some time, but they still keep him outdoors.  I bet those claws would tear up the sofa.


High Tech Sunflower

PNM (the electric utility here) has installed a small solar panel array on the property of an old (and decommissioned) gas-fired generating station about 15 minutes north of Albuquerque.  The array has 22 of these panels.  PNM calls each panel a sunflower.  The array generates 25kw, enough to power about 5 average homes, or 12 newer low-energy-use homes.


Big Red Ride

We have one amusement park in Albuquerque.  Last year they erected a new ride.  At night, it glows red or blue.  It appears to be about 150 feet (45m) tall.  I don’t know the official name of the ride.  I’ve heard several suggestions, but none of them are appropriate for a family photoblog 🙂

Iris Door

Jamii took this picture of the irises in our neighbor’s courtyard.  I love the composition.  The contrast of the vibrant purple flowers to the bland brown/grey tones of the surroundings is somehow emblemmatic of Albuquerque: people living in the desert, huddled around the watering hole, hoping the water will last until the next rain.

Lightning 1

During the monsoon season (July-September) in Albuquerque, we often have clear sunny days followed by thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.  Many include  beautiful, and dangerous, electrical storms.  It’s hard to get a good picture of lightning though — it never seems to happen where you’re looking, while you’re waiting for it.  Over the course of 3 nights in August 2003 I shot about 1000 frames and got a couple of nice lightning photos, including this one.

TV Tower Babies

Sorry for the long hiatus — our trip to Europe was great.  This picture doesn’t really belong here since it’s from Prague, not Albuquerque.  I’m including it because it represents a level of weirdness to which Abq can aspire.  David Cerny is a Czech sculptor.  He persuaded the local mayor to let him install his crawling-babies sculpture, Miminka, on the 200-meter tall communist-era TV Tower.  There are a dozen bronze babies, each about a meter long, attached all over the tower.  It’s the best piece of public art I’ve ever seen.